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India’s Largest Italian Luxury Furniture Store

We invite you to experience a piece of Italy right here in the heart of Hyderabad. Come, sip that aromatic espresso and dig into those delicacies as you feast your eyes on the world’s best Italian luxury furniture store. The land of originality, exuberance, and elegance beckons you.

Meztli: An Invitation-only Store in Hyderabad

Our 50,000 sq. ft store is spread across 6 floors to create an intimate, private shopping experience. We do end-to-end home solutions including kitchens, wardrobes, wallpapers, decorative lightings etc.

Designer Italian luxury furniture on display
Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Crores

The perfect synthesis of design know-how and the sartorial savoir-faire of the biggest luxury furniture brands from Italy. Our exclusive range of premium sofas seamlessly integrates contemporary advancements with timeless details. The collection adds an elegant and inviting ambiance.

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Myriad inspirations and influences converge naturally in a wide-ranging collection that conveys an informal style and undeniable joie de vivre.


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Buy original Italian masterpieces with authenticity certification!

Just You & Italian Luxury

Private Shopping in a post-covid world. Just you on the whole floor. The entire store is focused on your needs.

Store Concierges

Our concierge is there to provide you find bespoke furniture pieces that align with your budget & style requirements.

Interior Assistance

We will work with your interior designer to handpick the right furniture to complement your decor style.

Furnishings & Materials

Select from the choicest furnishings and materials to convert your home into an epitome of gorgeous sophistication.

Customized Proposals

Share your floor plans & we will offer customized proposals to create a one-of-a-kind home solution.

Ready to Buy Furniture

Love something on the floor and want to take it home? You can.

Italy's Top 30+ Luxury Furniture Brands Under One Roof

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Authentic Italian furniture experience with certification!

In a world of replicas, Meztli promises originality, and every piece that you acquired will come with an “Authenticity Certificate.” We are the authorized dealers for the mentioned brands!


Italian consultants at our store will arrange your rendezvous with the finest Italian luxury furniture for a unique, immersive, and exclusive shopping experience.


Our teams follow a methodical approach in knowing the design goals of the end-users & deliver on the same.


We evaluate the information collected from the customer & transform it into a definite concept guideline.


As per the concept guidelines, a budget presentation along with the final costing is presented to you.


Post customer approval, our sales & logistics team executes the stages from assurance through installation.


Customer satisfaction is Meztli’s USP. We will offer you tips on maintaining premium luxury Italian furniture.

Our Brand’s Collections

Having a piece of Italian design is akin to having a piece of art or sculpture in your house. We guarantee you authentic products. Our collections land straight from the manufactures to our showroom. No middlemen!

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About Meztli

Named after the mythical moon goddess, Meztli is the first- in-its-space Italian luxury furniture store conglomerate making inroads into Incredible India.

For the first time, Indians will have the opportunity to pick the choicest designs & designers, collaborate with over 30 high-end furniture brands, and access 100 others, hitherto available only to avid global travelers.

Gone are the days when a discerning interior designer or an architect had to travel across the world to pick the best furniture brands to make their projects stand out and make a statement.

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Step inside the world of luxurious Italian furniture. Read our articles to stay updated with the latest in interiors, design and craftsmanship!

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Want to stay updated with the story of Italian excellent & get a sneak peek into the latest collections? Just subscribe to our newsletter!

Ready-to-buy Italian Furniture

Experience the feel of shopping in the uber Italian luxury furniture store in Hyderabad! Having undergone a meticulous quality check and production process, the Italian luxury furniture is ready to take home!


Doubt in your mind? Take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Yes, we have been appointed by the world-famous Italian brands as their Indian representatives. When you buy from us, you are 100% sure that every piece is authentic. The furniture you buy from us carries an “Authentication Certificate,” which comes directly from the brand. We offer you post-purchase support, thus giving you total peace of mind.

4 – 6 months after order confirmation.

Our range starts from Rs. 1.5 lacs and goes up to as high as Rs. 5 crores.

With more than 30+ luxury Italian designer brands available under one roof, you are spoilt for choices. Our 50,000 sq. ft store is spread across six floors, including Sofas, Recliners, Dining Tables, Chairs, Beds, Wardrobes, Kitchen, Outdoor Furniture, Decorative Lights, Accessories and more.

Yes, you can place your order just for 1 item.

We are located in HITEC City near Novotel Hotel.

Here is a Google map of our store.

We are open from 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM. However, we are an invitation-only store. Please schedule your visit in advance to have a personalized tour. Call +91 6305909999 to book yours now.

The best way to maintain leather is by keeping it away from direct heat, including sunlight. Dust the leather furniture with a soft and dry cloth. Don’t rub the leather, instead use light circular motions working towards the stain center. Avoid harsh cleaning products. Don’t use the same cloth on light and dark materials.

Exclusive Invitation

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