Our Story

The world of haute couture Italian furniture

Who We Are

Named after the mythical moon goddess, Meztli is the first-in-its-space Italian furniture conglomerate making inroads into Incredible India. For the first time ever, Indians will have the opportunity to pick the choicest designs & designers, collaborate with over 30 high-end furniture brands and access 100 others, hitherto available only to avid global travellers. Gone are the days when we had to travel across the world to pick the best of furniture brands to make our projects stand out and make a statement. At Meztli, furniture is considered a work of art and treated with utmost reverence. You’ll see why when you step in.

We invite you to experience a piece of Italy right here in the heart of Hyderabad. Come, sip that aromatic espresso and dig into those delicacies, as you feast your eyes on the world’s best furniture. The land of originality, exuberance and elegance beckons you. That’s what we call Experience Meztli!


Discover Meztli

Timeless Masterpieces or Trendy Limited Editions – Meztli has a wide range of furniture from over 30 top-notch Italian companies. Once you make an appointment and walk into Meztli, our design expert will take you on a tour of the Experience Centre and escort you to each section spread across 50,000 sft. Whether it’s that garden where you host the barbeque soirees or the sprawling living room with several seating areas, the bedroom where you relax after calling it a day or the home theatre where you hang out with your family and friends, you’ll find a wide range of options to pick from to tastefully furnish every area of your home. We provide the best price options to give you true value for money. There are no hidden costs and we’ll stand by you to deliver the design solutions you’ve in mind. 

From overseeing the production to ensuring that the products are exactly what you ordered to shipping them to your doorstep, we’ll make your journey of setting up your striking home, a smooth and enjoyable one.

30 top-of-the-line ultra luxury furniture brands from Italy under one roof & access to 100 additional companies 

Mission Meztli

  • To provide design solutions for interior designers on a single platform to cater to their high profile clientele.
  • To cater to large institutions and go beyond the last mile to fulfill the furniture/ design requirements.
  • To bring order to a highly unorganised furniture market

How we do it

Experience the luxury of Italian wood. Soak in the grandeur of Continental upholstery. Carefully curated from the high-end brands in Italy and the rest of Europe, Meztli helps you find furniture like you’ve never seen before. We bring you the finest in furniture from across Italy.

Attention To Detail

The Meztli team has numerous years of experience bringing visions of homes to life. Our expert team is well known for their work in interpreting architects’ dreams and bringing them to life with a creative twist. Having established collaborations with renowned furniture brands across the globe, we are able to source pieces that aren’t commonly available. The furniture brands spell Italian finesse and sophistication from every angle. Sophistry and our enviable network allow us to bring you exotic furniture from them at the best possible rates. With a design sense that’s been well-honed to work with different kinds of spaces and budgets, we take pride in delivering designs and furniture that fit neatly into interior decorators’ plans.

Advantage Meztli

Why go on a whirlwind chase looking for those perfect pieces of furniture when you can find everything in one place under one roof? The best part is that you can get it straight from the authentic furniture makers directly. You don’t need to identify middle men who may or may not stand guarantee for the products. At Meztli, the brands are right there for you to see, touch and feel. And with that Authenticity Certificate that accompanies every work of art (yes, that’s what we call them) the advantages of associating and collaborating with Meztli are unparalleled. A treasure trove of functional art pieces which we call furniture, a guarantee of authenticity and a life-time commitment of being at your disposal – That’s what we call Advantage Meztli.

Furniture directly from the luxurious Italian furniture brands at incredibly astounding prices.

Head Quarters – Italy

Via Trento 22,22066,
Mariano Comense(CO).

Experience Center – India

HICC Lane,Madhapur,