Our Promise

Ergonomically designed

All the brands that we showcase at Meztli believe in being true to their values and spirit. The beautifully crafted love seat you see would have been crafted from one of the finest wood, which comes from the forests that these brands own. No they don’t mass produce, they nurture every tree, and every piece of wood is turned into an art that holds great ergonomical value. These products are tested in every possible way before they are shipped. In a way you will be carrying a carefully crafted tree to light up your space in your home or office



25 top-of-the-line ultra luxury furniture brands from Italy under one roof & access to 60 additional companies 

Quality that lasts a lifetime

These pieces of art will last forever and become pieces of legacy that you’ll proudly pass on to generation after generation. That’s the nature of durability assured by master craftsmen. 


Just imagine you choose a dark blue sofa and the one that lands up at your doorstep is a black one! Or you order a bed from your favourite brand, after much deliberation, and the one delivered to you comes without authenticity! Worse still, the seams come off after a short while and you realise it’s fake! Just the thought is nerve wracking right? That’s why it’s extremely important to see it, touch it, feel it, test it, check the authenticity certificate and only then, invest in genuine furniture. We’ll help you get a first-hand experience  and stand guarantee that you get exactly what you order.

After care

Oops, you just spilled wine accidentally on that precious settee and you curse the side you woke up on that morning! No worries. Just give us a call. Our experts will come over to you and make it look like brand new with their adept handling. And yeah, just in case you’re considering buying that expensive polish to spruce up your sofa that’s losing its sheen, stop right there! Leather is nothing but skin. It doesn’t need polish to be cleansed. Our team will demonstrate to you easy methods of maintaining the furniture. Because, we care! For you and every product you acquire from us. Buy one piece or the entire collection, one brand or several brands, Meztli will be with you all through.

Value for Money

Having a piece of Italian design is akin to having a piece of art or sculpture in your house—well, you have to pay a price for it, sometimes through your nose. But that’s where Meztli steps in. We guarantee you authentic products at the most competitive prices. Because, our collections land straight from the factories to your doorstep! No middle men. We challenge you to find better offers than ours!

What’s more! We will help you with every product even after years of acquiring them from us. If you need fresh covers for your cushions or anything else that needs to be replaced, we will get them for you. Nowhere else will you find such services!

Furniture directly from the luxurious Italian furniture brands at incredibly astounding prices.

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