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Enter the world of haute Couture Italian furniture

To begin with, we believe in their philosophy, craftsmanship, legacy, commitment to authenticity and culture. We would have loved to have showcased many other brands as well but there is the limitation of the physical space. That said, we can source every piece you’re eyeing from any other high-end brand. You can choose from 100s of brands and 1000s of products. Anything and every single thing you want will be presented to you. Your wish is our command. In the meanwhile, take a look at the brands we’ve on offer at the Meztli Experience Centre in Hyderabad, India. 



Make a Statement with some of the best pieces of furniture that scream art from all angles and are destined to occupy a position of pride in the best of interiors.

A home or an office is a creative canvas for the world to see. Each piece in that space is an extension of the art that defines ideas. Imagine that plush leather sofa hand-stitched by a weathered experienced Italian hand somewhere in the mountains of Puglian now gracing the home of a client who is an ardent Italian furniture lover. Harmonious pieces enveloping designs with unparalleled comfort in wood, leather or glass of different brands are now just a drive away. Welcome to the world of haute couture!


Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa had its humble beginnings as a workshop in 1925 is now a superior in the world of luxury and fashion. Constantly unrolling its style quotient in different geographies, with a tight balance between design and function, Fendi has now landed in Hyderabad!

Be it the subtle marbled dining table radiating comfort of the known unparalleled vintage accents or the passion red-powder pink gradient sofa for the modern woman of various shades, the furniture speaks to you of subtlety, class and modernity while keeping the textures of tradition in the centre. Discover Fendi’s promise to deliver a sophisticated and exclusive lifestyle for your stunning dream home. Discover an unparalleled craftsmanship to build your own Rome!

Designs here have been inspired by spirited places like New York, Morocco, Lake Como, Miami and Monte Carlo. Furnishing for homes set in such soulful ambiences will spell style and elegance anytime.

If your interest has peaked and if you would want to experience the pride of owning a piece of Fendi Casa.

Bentley Home

Bentley Home is just the right choice of furniture for those who are in a relentless pursuit of furniture which spells luxury and sophistication. Inspired by the time honoured craftsmanship using only the choicest material that is a trademark of the famed Bentley car interiors, Bentley Home furniture is a partnership between Bentley and Club House Italia, the designer furniture.

These designer pieces are a culmination of traditional and modernist designs, without losing out on the British-inspired  style. You can experience the class that you experience when possessing a Bentley automobile –specifically in the kind of materials used such as the metal, leather, glass and veneer that enhance the luxurious interiors and the performance of a sophisticated setting.

If you would like to touch and feel a Bentley sofa or recline on a Bentley chaise lounge, visit the swankily designed 50,000 sft of the largest Italian showroom, Meztli, situated at Hyderabad’s upmarket Hitech city. This is where you’ll find elegant, edgy, inventive, handpicked pieces from different sources. known the world over.


Those who love wood and its varied uses will recognize the endless beautiful forms it can take once it is artistically shaped and crafted. This love to craft solid wood into dreamlike forms, prompted Luigi Allievi, the founder of Porada, to establish his presence in the crafting of wooden chairs in 1948. Since then Porada has been making contemporary furniture using solid wood combining it with glass and metal, embellishing it with various designs of upholstery. Known throughout the world for its craftsmanship, design, functionality and quality, Porada evolved into a household name. Luigi Allievi had a passion to understand wood, so basing his experience in wood manufacturing, the company designs furniture pieces that respects the environment, yet meets the needs of everyday living.

These designer pieces are the visions of Giovanna Azzarello, Guiseppe Vigano, Tarcisio Colzani, Marelli & Molteni etc who collaborate in tandem with Porada to bring out its beautiful pieces.  Wish to own a Porada? Head to Meztli.


Residential spaces reflect one’s personality and if you want to create your client’s home just the way you are, Shake is the destination for you. Whether your style is laid back in cane, or the beautiful carved pieces from rustic wood, or the urban chic you see yourself in glass and metal, you will find Shake has just that thing that a connoisseur needs. Every piece you find here is impeccable in finish, expertly crafted with finesse and has refined aesthetics. In short you can see yourself in every piece that you choose.

Shake allows you to not only live with less regret, it allows you to choose your style, your kind of furniture that will reflect you in every sense of the term. You could choose to sink into sophistication on sofas that are Prism shaped or Soho styled. Made of wood and supported by metallic bronze and leather, the wide range of coffee tables, side tables and other pieces are fit to grace a home that invites warmth and clarity.

Influenced by elegance and beauty of minimalistic design, these are no-fuss furniture pieces each one unique to design and style. These pieces comprise of custom-made shelves, displays and separate seating units, all metamorphosing to a look that is sleek and inviting at the same time. Sink into one of the sofas and experience the luxuries of life.

The Trussardi Collection

This collection is famed for the family mood kind of furniture and style that symbolizes deep rooted Italian values and lifestyle. Your eyes can clearly distinguish the elegance and modernity that reflects in every piece. Designed and held together by three generations in a family that has journeyed together in its making, the Trussardi Collection is a treat for all those who believe life’s stories can best be made together. Take a look at the stories this family has made and displayed for you at Meztli.

Furniture directly from the luxurious Italian furniture brands at incredibly astounding prices.

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