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If only poetry could come to life in the shimmering lines on the planes of a chair or the deep imprint of a plush sofa could sigh instead of words, if magic just reflected on the walls of your room where a lone standing chair resembled the exquisiteness of a slim stemmed red rose, what would you call stepping into such a environs?

The pleasure of living with beauty and class is possible only at Meztli. Imagine living surrounded every waking moment, with art, celebrating life with different interpretations in every room. You step into Meztli, you step into a different universe. Meztli takes you on a round of its planet where, dreams are understood, ideated, proposed and executed to meet the desires of refined clients in India. We interpret your needs and deliver unparalleled service never before seen in this country. 

How we work
to make your desires
come true!

Our professionals treat every desire as a project, providing fresh perspective to commercial and residential designs through a creative process where every idea is captured and transformed into an exclusive package, into a new living space! 


Knowing the customer and understanding his requirement will be the first step. During this stage, our designers follow a methodical approach in

1. Client Brief
2. Conceptual Drawing
3. Style
4. Budget
5. Timelines


We evaluate the information collected and transform it into
a definite concept guideline. During this stage, Meztli designers ideate with the customer / interior designer of the project with multiple design options combining products across brands in-line with their understanding from stage 1. Multiple iterations are expected before concluding / forming a “Concept Guideline Document”.


Neque porro quisquam est, qui As per the concept guidelines, a final concept presentation along with the final costing is presented to the customer. Any minor changes / inputs / comments are incorporated and a final estimate is submitted for customer approval. It is during this stage that
we deliver:

A. Concept Floor Plans With Product
Details In Autocad
B. Mood Boards
C. Concept Renderings
D. Boq – Cost Sheets
E. Draft Contract / Commercial Proposal


Upon receiving customer approval, the sales team and the logistics team execute the final stage. The process includes:

A.Delivery Timelines And Updates On Shipment
B.Consignment Delivery
C.Installation D. Feedback / Testimonial.


Customer satisfaction is Meztli’s USP. During this stage our customer support team visits the site and ensures the product is maintained.

Furniture directly from the luxurious Italian furniture brands at incredibly astounding prices.

Head Quarters – Italy

Via Trento 22,22066,
Mariano Comense(CO).

Experience Center – India

HICC Lane,Madhapur,